When Can You Gift Jewelry in a Relationship?

Gifting jewelry is usually saved for special occasions, and it is often gifted to help solidify the status of the relationship. There are stages in the relationship where it is appropriate to start gifting fine jewelry and other stages of the relationship where it might not be the best idea.

To help you determine what is and what isn’t appropriate when gifting jewelry, here are some great examples of jewelry to give at each stage of your relationship: 

Jewelry to Gift

For Those In the Beginning Stages

The gift of jewelry is generally very sentimental, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t gift it early on in your relationship. However, before you go shopping for your special piece, you should make sure that you both are mutually committed to your relationship. 

In the beginning stages, it’s appropriate to give jewelry as a gift for a birthday, holiday, or for a school-related special occasion like a prom or graduation. Typically, you should choose something simpler, like a dainty bracelet or a beautiful necklace. 

Making Your Relationship Official

Whether you just changed your relationship status on Facebook, or you’ve decided to make your relationship public, this usually calls for a celebration! At this stage of your relationship, avoid gifting a ring and instead gift a trendy jewelry piece like statement earrings or a bold necklace. Choose an item that you think represents your relationship the best. 

Are Things Getting More Serious? 

Maybe you’ve started talking about moving in together. Or you’re coming up on an anniversary. This is another great time to give the gift of fine jewelry that might be more meaningful than past gifts. It’s more appropriate to start gifting more purposeful jewelry pieces like custom rings and necklaces at this stage of your relationship. Although these pieces can be more of an investment, they are more meaningful and can be worn for many occasions. 

Gifts for Anniversaries 

As your relationship continues to develop, you’ll reach milestone anniversaries where sentimental gifts start to become more expected. If you’re celebrating a larger anniversary, give the gift of rings or necklaces with traditional colored anniversary gemstones. There is a gemstone dedicated to every anniversary year. For example, sapphires are often used to celebrate your 5th wedding anniversary!

Tips for Gifting Jewelry

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