4 Unique Qualities of Pearls

Facts About Pearls

The pearl is one of the best-loved gemstones of all time. Besides its popularity, there are plenty of other reasons to add pearl jewelry pieces to your collection.

Let’s look at some of the reasons why pearls are so special: 

Pearls Are the Only Gemstone That Comes from a Living Creature

Although pearls are classified as a gemstone, they are much different from the others. Among the many unique traits that pearls have, the one trait that makes them stand out from the rest is that they are the only gems to come from a living creature, the marine oysters, and freshwater mussels.

There are Four Main Types of Pearls

Believe it or not, there are four main types of pearls, and they vary in size, shape, color, and value. The first type of pearl is known as the Freshwater Pearl. They are the most widely available pearls and can be sold at a more appealing price than other types.

The Japanese Akoya pearls are found in saltwater and are some of the best-known pearls in the world. The highest quality of Akoya Pearls grows in the ocean for about two years. This allows the pearls to form with thick nacre and create a beautiful luster.

The third type of pearl is Tahitians Pearls. This type of pearl forms in the saltwater around the islands of French Polynesia. These pearls are unique because they come in the untraditional colors of grey, blue, green, and purple.

Lastly, the South Sea pearls are some of the largest pearls that you can find. They are stunningly breathtaking, featuring white, cream, and golden hues.

The Process Pearl Matching

Creating pearl strands and multi-pearl pieces isn’t as easy as you’d think. When creating these multi-pearl pieces, the goal is to match the pearls as best as possible to create a beautiful piece. How well the pearls match or mix will affect the value of the piece.

Pearls Take At Least 6 Months to Form

A pearl takes some time to develop. However, all types of pearls will take at least six months to create. Occasionally, it can take almost 24 months to produce a pearl.

Purchasing Beautiful Pearl Statement Pieces

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