4 Common Jewelry Repairs and Restorations

We wear our favorite jewelry pieces almost every day. After years of wear and tear, it’s common to notice slight damage occurring to your favorite pieces. Because our favorite jewelry pieces often hold sentimental value to us, avoid the need to get rid of it completely by always being on the lookout for signs of wear. If you think that your jewelry is starting to deteriorate, don’t worry. You can still get it repaired or restored by a reliable jeweler.

Jewelry Repairs and Restoration Services

To help you treasure your favorite jewelry, here are 4 common jewelry repairs and restorations:

Adjusting Your Ring Size 

There are a few factors like weather and aging that can cause your fingers to change in size. If your ring is the right size, you should be able to slide it on and off easily, with just a slight resistance. It’s normal if it takes a little wiggling to help slide it off. You should never have to use force to get your ring off of your finger. On the other hand, you also shouldn’t have your valuable ring slide off too easily, either.

Whether your ring is too small, out of round, or it just doesn’t seem to fit right, take it to a professional, and they will help you with the necessary adjustments.

Repairing the Prongs 

The prongs on your jewelry have one of the most important jobs. The prongs help hold your gemstones and diamonds in place and keep them safe. Prongs can snag on clothing, or wear down during everyday activities. If your prongs happen to get bent, this will increase the chances of you losing your valuable stone. To prevent loss, prongs can be rebuilt or added to (re-tipped) and made as strong as they were when the ring was new. Many jewelers offer a warranty after this is done. 

Stone Replacement in Jewelry 

Over time, it’s common for gemstones to become loose, especially if you’re wearing vintage pieces. Stones can also fall out or break if they are hit against something too hard. Usually, this is an easy fix, and your professional jeweler will work their hardest to get your ring back to its original condition. Many stones are cut in standard sizes and shapes and a new one is easily ordered for replacement.

Chain and Clasp Repair 

Everyone has that go-to necklace chain that they wear for almost any occasion. Now, imagine if it broke, that would be a tragedy. Luckily, chain repairs are quite simple, and a trip to your jeweler is all that it will take to return it back to it’s original condition. If a link on your chain is broken or worn through, a jeweler can solder the links back together so that they are good as new.

If the clasp on your necklace breaks, loses its spring action, or you are just wanting one that is easier to work, your jeweler can replace it. 

Visit a Jewelry Repair Expert 

Whether your jewelry has a small defect or completely broken, Laura’s Jewelry Designs LLC, Your Personal Jeweler, can find a solution to restore your jewelry to make it look as good as new. Check out our jewelry repair services and give us a call at 573-336-0171!